Dennis joined Scott Wakefield for this episode over a Zoom call to talk about the unprecedented fires in the area near them. Many people have had to e...View Details

S1E11 What Does God Want?

In this episode Dennis joins his friend David to talk about the deep theological paradigms that continue to block our belief of Jesus living in us. On...View Details

In this episode the Sunday morning Jesus As Us Zoom fellowship discussed the challenge of knowing the truth of Jesus living as us. What can we do to b...View Details

Dennis is joined again in this episode with Scott Wakefield to take on a very controversial topic - if we live as Jesus does that mean when we make mi...View Details

S1E8 The Lying Conscience

In this episode Dennis is joined once again with his friend Scott through a Zoom conference. Scott's recent posting on his blog about the issue of sin...View Details

S1E7 Why Do You Believe?

In this episode Dennis is joined by his long time friend David Fulton in one of their regular phone conversations. In this discussion David refers to ...View Details

S1E6 Is God Shaping Me?

In this episode Dennis and Scott discuss a statement Dennis heard on a recent television broadcast, "God is shaping us through this current crisis". T...View Details

Dennis and Scott begin this episode by following up on Scott's latest blog post entitled, "Paying Our Dues ", but it quickly transitioned into the Sco...View Details

S1E3 Living As Jesus

Dennis and Scott Wakefield discuss Scott’s latest blog post “Fingerprints upon an Failed System” and why Christianity has not helped us understand the...View Details

Dennis and Scott sit down again to further discuss his journey in discovering who he is. This discussion is based on one of his recent blogposts entit...View Details

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