After several months, Dennis again joins his friend Scott for a conversation on the topic of what we will be like in our resurrected bodies. Will we r...View Details

In this episode Dennis welcomes his friend Arnold Quigley to share about his journey in getting to know Jesus in a new way. Arnold shares how coming t...View Details

Scott joins Dennis in this episode to talk about how we can know what is true. How do we even trust scripture? The conversation focuses on the example...View Details

S2 E3 Uncovering Jesus

Hold onto your hats! Dennis and David discuss an alternate view of the book of Revelation and related topics in this episode. Is Revelation about futu...View Details

S2 E2 God Where Are You?

In this episode Dennis has a conversation via Zoom with his longtime friend Steve Fivecoat. (We apologize for the audio weakness). Steve retired some ...View Details

Welcome to the first episode of season 2 of The Jesus Conversation Podcast. In this episode we begin a series of reviewing the basic truths that give ...View Details

S1 E15 What is our Hope?

In this episode Dennis joins Scott for a discussion on Scott's blog post entitled "The Hope of Glory". Dennis has just returned from traveling and is ...View Details

S1 E14 What has Changed?

In the fall of 2017 four men from the NWMC Knowing Jesus organization spent a weekend together endeavoring to grasp the future of our ministry. With a...View Details

In this episode Dennis is talking once again to his friend David Fulton through Zoom. The recording starts with them talking about the interesting cor...View Details

Dennis joined Scott Wakefield for this episode over a Zoom call to talk about the unprecedented fires in the area near them. Many people have had to e...View Details

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